Black Body Positive

In “The Black History of the Body Positive Movement,” Briana Dominici argues that we can’t talk about the body positive movement without “remembering the history of fatphobia and how its roots are centered around Black people, and more specifically, Black women and femmes.”  Why is it important that we remember the role Black women played… Read More Black Body Positive

Feminist Curating

Today, we are reading Dorothee Richter’s On Curating article, “Feminist Perspectives on Curating.” As you read, consider the following questions: What is curating? How do we curate? What do we curate? What makes a curation project feminist?  What do you think Richter means by “disturbance through image?” Why is this important to feminist or other… Read More Feminist Curating

In The Atlantic’s “Wikipedia’s Hostility to Women,” Emma Paling notes that “Wikipedia is suffering from a cyclical kind of sexism.” With this in mind, consider the following questions as we read the article:  What does the first example of Lightbreather tell us about the treatment of women on Wikipedia? How do you feel about Wikipedia’s Arbitration… Read More

Female Scientists Notability and Wikipedia

Today we’re reading Katrina Krämer’s article “Female Scientists’ Pages Keep Disappearing from Wikipedia – What’s Going On?” in Chemistry World. As we read this article, consider some of the following questions:  In their policy on notability Wikipedia states that “the person who is the topic of a biographical article should be “worthy of notice” or “note”… Read More Female Scientists Notability and Wikipedia

Feminist Standpoint

Today, we’re going to read about “Feminist Standpoint Theory” in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Read through it and answer the following questions:  What is a standpoint?  What does it mean that “Knowledge is socially situated”? Why is it important that research “begin with the lives of the marginalized”? What is essentialism? Why is this important… Read More Feminist Standpoint

Shaky Ground Wikipedia

Today, we’re reading KC Cole’s Wired article, “The Shaky Ground Truths of Wikipedia.” As you read it. consider the following questions: Cole claims that “Unconscious bias comes in all forms.” They provide a number of examples of unconscious bias. What unconscious biases do you have? What biases have you experienced?  Cole states, “Not seeing yourself… Read More Shaky Ground Wikipedia

Lorde’s Sexism a Disease in Blackface

Today, we are reading Audre Lorde’s essay, “Sexism: American Disease in Blackface,” from one of the most important collections of feminist essays, Sister Outsider (see Canvas for reading).   Lorde’s essay starts with a bold claim, “Black Feminism is not white feminism in blackface” (60). What is blackface? How do your understanding of blackface help you understand… Read More Lorde’s Sexism a Disease in Blackface