Wilkerson Great Migration

Watch Isabel Wilkerson’s TedTalk – The Great Migration and the Power of a Single Decision. Select ONE of the following questions and post your response. Try to write at least 250 words. 

  1. Wilkerson notes that “Migration is usually a young person’s endeavor.” What would you do if you had to flee your home? How would you stay in touch with your family?
  2. Wilkerson claims “So this great migration was not a move. It was actually a seeking of political asylum within the borders of one’s own country.” Why does she frame the migration this way?  Why does this matter?
  3. Wilkerson points out that after the Great Migration, the nearly 50% of the population of African Americans moved out of the South and to the rest of the US.  How did the Great Migration change the face of northern cities? 
  4. What is your family’s migration story? 

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