Tell a Story about Stout

This week we looked at way university history might be covered with multimedia curation. However, the stories of universities are more than their official histories. University life is often sustained through the tales of its students and alumni. For instance, when I went to college someone changed the campus signs from Alma College to “go llama” … Who would be part of such a prank?  What were their motivations?  The world may never know! 

There are stories here at Stout worth recording – hauntings, tragedies, pranks, and acts of kindness. There’s rich fodder in our current COVID situation. Use three to five artifacts to tell a story about about something you’ve witnessed or heard about. Nothing is too boring or mundane – these small histories are what make our traditions. 

Your project should contain the following:

  • A catchy title
  • A brief (50- to 100-word) description of the project 
  • 3 to 5 artifacts with accurate attribution
  • A one sentence caption for each artifact

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