Description & Details

Due with no penalty from 9/20-23. Due with 10% penalty from 9/24-27.

For this assignment, I’d like you to describe a person, place, thing, or event that you think defines what it means to be an American.  For instance, you might describe the fire works in your hometown for the 4th of July. Or, you might describe crossing the border into Canada for the first time. 

Your description should be at least 250 words. Try to use descriptive verbs and avoid verbs in the to be and to have families. Use adjectives that have more accurately capture the scene you’re describing. E.g., were the fireworks loud? How loud? What kind of loud? Did they echo in your ears? 

Remember that the person reading your description may not be familiar with the people, landmarks, or other elements of your essay. Keep them in mind as you write.

This is an informal writing exercise. I am not expecting perfect spelling or grammar, but I hope you’ll try your best. Also, because this is about something you experienced, you’re welcome to use person pronouns (I, me, we, us). 

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