Vespucci, Not Great

Listen to Jack Hitt’s story, “God Shed His Grace on Thee” from the episode, Give the People What They Want on This American Life. 

Submit a one- to two-minute video response to this story. You may find answering one of the following questions helpful:

  • Hitt seems to suggest this continent is named after Amerigo Vespucci because he was a shifty sales-man. What do you think of that? How does that square with your idea of this nation?
  • What did you learn about Vespucci? Did it surprise you?
  • Why do you think Vespucci spends so much of his letters describing the bodies and sexual proclivities of indigenous women? 
  • What do you think about this story? Why is Hitt’s purpose in telling us these details about Vespucci?

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