Cadillac Dreams

Today, I’d like you to watch the Cadillac commercial (below). Then, read Carolyn Gregoire’s article, “Cadillac Made a Commercial about the American Dream, and It’s a Nightmare,” from  The Huffington Post. 

Next, answer one of the follow questions with a 200-word response. As always, try to draw specific details from the video or reading to support your answer.

  1. The actor in the commercial asks, “Why do we work so hard? For this? For stuff?”  Gregoire suggests that, ” the luxury car company is selling a vision of the American Dream at its worst: Work yourself into the ground, take as little time off as possible, and buy expensive sh*t.” What do you think of this? How much is consuming stuff part of the American Dream? 
  2. What other elements in the commercial communicate wealth and luxury? How do they contribute to the argument of the ad?
  3. Gregoire closes her analysis stating, “‘I’d take more vacation any day over a Cadillac.’ Amen to that.” What do you think of this? How does this square with your notion of the American Dream? 

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