Social Media and #BLM

Today, we’re looking at the Wired Magazine article,Social Media Helps Black Lives Matter Fight the Power”  by Bijan Stephen with photos by Philip Montgomery. As you read through the article and look closely at the images, take notes about what you see. Create a two-minute response video in which you answer the following questions or just one of them if you feel like you can. Feel free to use screen shots to from the article to support your points.

  1. Select one of Montgomery’s images. What do you notice first? How does this image contribute to Stephen’s story about BLM?
  2. Stephen describes the use of special 800 numbers (WATS) in the 1960s. Why were these used?  How does this compare to the use of social media today?
  3. This story was published in 2015. In the past five years, what has (or has not) changed in the BLM movement? 
  4. If you could update to this story, what sorts of photographs or interviews would you add?

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