Op-Ed Assignment

Op-eds provide news sources an opportunity for their readers to engage in shaping public opinion. Major papers like the New York Times solicit op-eds from leading thinkers and public figures. For example, former president and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Jimmy Carter, routinely writes op-eds for The Washington Post. Twin Cities news sources, such as the Star Tribune, publish citizens with something to say about local issues. All news sources routinely publish strong and timely op-eds written by regular citizens about debates in the public sphere. 

For this assignment, you will write an op-ed that would convince the general public to act on behalf of the topic you selected for your Advocacy Project. Your op-ed should be at least 750 words and 

  • Identify a newspaper that would most likely publish your op-ed because it is relevant to that community.
  • Use a lede that draws the audience into your position.
  • Provide a clear and arguable thesis statement.
  • Advance two or three points that support your thesis. These points should be supported by credible outside sources. 
  • Postulate a counter-point to foreclose dissent.
  • Present a strong conclusion that clarifies why the audience should care and what they should do next. 

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