Advocacy Phone Script

For this assignment, you’re going to create a phone script that you would share with other people concerned about your Advocacy Project’s issue. These individuals would use this script to call legislators or decision makers and ask them to vote, decide, or behave a certain way. These scripts should be short and easily left as a voicemail. 

Your phone script should include:

  • Brief greeting 
  • Way for caller to state their full name and location.
  • Purpose of the call or the specific action you would like the decision maker to take.
  • Example of how this issue will directly affect the community or their constituents. Consider using a specific anecdote or statistic. 
  • Create space for caller to explain how the issue affects them directly.
  • Thank the decision-maker for their time.

Remember, you don’t want to overwhelm the decision-maker or their staff. Find a way to make this call succinct and easy to read. 

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