Research Proposal

For this assignment, you need to identify what your essay will be about. You should consider how your topic relates to Upper Midwest issues. You may want to consider using your Advocacy Project as a way into this theme. This is your opportunity to explore your topic. Consider the following: 

  • Are you examining a specific event, individual, or organization?
  • Are you going to analyze how a specific community need should be achieved?
  • Perhaps you want to look at a cultural artifact, such as paintings, music, or literature? 

You may find it beneficial to discuss some of the sources you may utilize in your essay as well. Your prospectus should be the beginning of your research exploration, not the final destination.

This proposal is a good way to explore possible avenues for your essay. You may find that your proposal raises more questions than it answers – this is okay! In fact, you can end your proposal with a couple questions about the direction of your research and your topic.

We will meet one-on-one next week via Teams to discuss your proposal and topic.

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