Meth Use Wisconsin

In “Meth Use Continues to Rise in Wisconsin” Mary Kate McCoy notes that 2013-17 saw an increase of 167% in job screenings for meth throughout the Midwest. Keep this in mind as you answer the following questions.

  • Look at the county map of Wisconsin. What does the distribution of darker blue counties suggest about the meth epidemic? How does this relate to Schimel’s “Know Meth” campaign?
  • How is the discussion of alcohol abuse relevant to meth? 
  • Why does McCoy provide the example of Ruesch, a “functional addict”?
  • If I asked you create an advocacy campaign about meth use in Menomonie/Dunn County, what sorts of statistics and facts would you need? How would you reach people most affected by meth? 
  • Why does the article close with a statistic about opiate use? How does this relate to meth? 

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