Phone Script Workshop

Today, we’re going to work on your phone script for the advocacy project. The phone script has a few rules:

  1. Greeting & Name: Politely introduce themselves with their full name. 
  2. Location: Provide their state or municipality to help the elected official know which district the caller comes from.
  3. Purpose of Call: Succinctly and clearly explain why they are calling. Ideally, this would be a few words (examples below). 
  4. Explanation: Why your issue is of importance to the officials constituents and community. 
  5. Next Steps: Clearly articulate what you want the official to do next, e.g., draft a bill, vote a certain way, or support a cause. 
  6. Thank You: Emphasize that you appreciate their time and stay kind.

Here are some example phone scripts that might help you draft your own:

Adoptees for Justice

Autistic Advocacy

Clean Water Action

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