One-Pager Workshop

Today, we’re going to focus on your one-pager’s design. 

  • What color scheme/choices best fit your one-pager? Do the colors match the seriousness or context of your topic? 
  • Explore what data would be best represented graphically? Consider what you want to catch the eye of your decision maker first. What is the strongest impression you want them to walk away with?
    • If you use a photo image or illustration, be sure it’s high quality, licensed for reuse, and correctly attributed. 
    • Consider recoloring or altering images to complement your color scheme.
  • What written content should be bulleted, put in a header, or called out with a box of color?
    • Most designers limit their font choices to two or three. How professional/competent do you need to appear?
    • Emphasize key words/concepts with design. 
  • Align graphics, text, and other elements.
  • Don’t be afraid of white space. Less is more. 
  • Provide space for works cited. De-emphasize citations with design (small font, lighter color, bottom of the page). 

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