Lit Review Workshop

Before we get started, you might find it easier to use Zotero or Mendeley (Z or M) for this project. 

  1. Use topic that you are interested in studying based on your proposal and conference. 
  2. Formulate an inquiry question that specifically describes what would like to know about your topic.
  3. Consider key words or phrases that would help you find information.
  4. Go to the library to search for and locate journals that include your topic’s information. You may find it helpful to refer back to your notes from library instruction. Think about databases that might have the most credible and relevant data. 
  5. Find articles, read the abstracts, and skim the articles to determine if they correspond well to your topic AND inquiry question.
  6. Select at least five peer reviewed journal articles, either save them in Z or M, or download the PDFs. 
  7. Read your articles and begin to sort and classify them according to their findings.  If you use Z or M, add tags, topics, or brief summaries in your own words.  

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