Audience Purpose Occassion

Check out Alley’s chapter on Audience, Purpose, and Occassion from The Craft of Scientific Writing (2018). Next, find a piece of writing from your workplace – preferably one you wrote alone or collaboratively. Analyze your writing for its audience, purpose, and occasion. If it doesn’t violate confidentiality, please provide a copy of the document. Feel free to scrub it of any identifying information, such as names, company logos, etc. Remember, the best analyses will provide specific examples from the text to support your claims. So, if you can’t provide a copy of the document, you can still use rich details/quotations from that document. 

You may find the following questions helpful in formulating your analysis:

  • Who is the audience of this document? What knowledge does the document assume about the audience?
  • What is the purpose of the document? Is it purely informative, persuasive, or precautionary? How do you know?
  • What is the document responding to? What textual and visual cues show this? 
  • What is the cultural or political context of the document?

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