Workplace Profile

You’re going to start your Workplace Communication Analysis by building a profile of your workplace. 

Your profile should be at least 1000 words and include the following:

  • Provide a brief history of the organization/corporation. Consider what aspects of its history may be germane to how you and your co-workers communicate. For example, do you work for a technologically advanced/early adopter organization? Or, are you a more long-standing bureaucratic? Is your organization agile or slow? How does these factors potentially affect communications processes?
  • Describe and/or illustrate of the organization’s decision making structure. 
  • Explore of the types of writing and documents that you produce, such as emails, directions, slide decks, manuals, memos, or reports. 
  • Clarify what the software, technology, or in-person methods and practices that your organization uses, e.g., Slack, Teams, Word, or CAD.

Your profile should use specific examples from your workplace. If your work is confidential or proprietary, consider using a stand-in or explain what you can. Consider speaking with your coworkers about their perceptions of writing and communication. You’re welcome to use illustrations, photos, or other graphics to support your claims.

Whenever possible, provide clear citation and attribution of sources and examples. If your workplace doesn’t have a clear method for citation, consider using APA or Chicago Manual of Style. Whatever you decide, just be consistent throughout the document. 

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