Gendered Workplace

Today we are reading Janet Holmes’s chapter “The Role of Gender in Workplace Talk” from her book Gendered Talk at Work. This Atlantic ariticle suggests that sexism is still a problem in the sciences; being aware of our gendered ways of speaking may be the first step to creating an equitable workplace. For this response, write a thoughtful analysis of your own communciation habits, and the ways that they may be gendered. You may find the following questions helpful in formulating your reponse:

  • This Newsweek story describes a two co-workers who exchanged email signatures. How does their experience compare with Holmes’s article? With your own experience in the workplace?
  • In this New York Times article, Feldhahn shares research she’s done with men in the workplace. How do her observations compare with Holmes’s chapter and your experience?
  • This 2018 National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine study found that women experience sexual harassment in lab workplaces. How does this compare with your experience in the workplace? 
  • After reading the Holmes chapter and/or the articles linked above, how might you change your approach to communicating in the workplace?

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