Grant Proposal Peer Review

Today, you’re going to get feedback from your peers who know a lot more about science than I do. To do that, you should… 

  • Post a copy of the grant proposal you submitted here.
  • Select two of your peers’ proposals to read.  Respond to their proposals and notify the class.  Do your best to select people who are lacking reviewers.
  • Next, answer at least three of following questions about their proposal. Select the ones you think you have the most to offer about. Try to provide detailed feedback. Your response should at least 250 words.
    • Is their proposal well-suited for the grant they selected?
    • Have you applied for or participated in this sort of grant before? Do you have any tips for the writer?
    • Will this grant require IRB approval? If so, do you see any concerns that the writer may need to address?
    • What scholarship or research do you know that might help the writer with their grant? 
    • What difficulties do you anticipate the writer might encouter if they actually pursued the grant?
    • What would you like to see in a methods section of this grant proposal?
    • If you could improve two things about their proposal, what would you change?
    • What do you like about their grant proposal? What did they do well?

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