Weekly Curation Five: Family Time

Every family has stories. Some family tales are mundane, like the time my brother and I jumped off the roof of our house in improvised parachutes (true story).  Other family stories have serious consequences or connection to our culture, such as my grandmother’s escape from Poland during WWI.  For this project, I’d like to you tell a story about your family using 3 to 5 artifacts.  Maybe it’s a collection of photos, an interview with your grandmother, or historical photos from your home town.  Or, perhaps its a story about a different kind of family you’ve made for yourself over the years: “Ohana means family.”

Your curation will be evaluated for:

  • A catchy title.
  • A brief (50- to 100-word) description of the project 
  • 3 to 5 artifact with accurate attribution.
  • A sentence or two long caption for each artifact explaining to the audience what it is and how it tells your story. 

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