Auschwitz Selfie

Today, we’re reading Caitlin Dewey’s article “The Other Side of the Infamous ‘Auschwitz Selfie’ ” from The Washington Post. Before we dig into the reading, let’s develop some shared knowledge:

  • What do you associate with Auschwitz? You can provide a list of bullets.
  • Next, what do you think of the selfie Breanna posted of herself at Auschwitz? 
    • Is her facial expression in the photo appropriate? 
    • What about her clothing and overall appearance? Does it match what we associate with Auschwitz?
    • What about her caption? Is that appropriate?

After building this interpretation of the selfie and caption. Read Dewey’s article. Now, let’s answer the following:

  • How does your reading of the selfie change now that you know Breanna’s reasoning? 
  • What do you think of where she posted the selfie? Was a world wide Twitter audience the best? 

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