Lorde’s Sexism a Disease in Blackface

Today, we are reading Audre Lorde’s essay, “Sexism: American Disease in Blackface,” from one of the most important collections of feminist essays, Sister Outsider (see Canvas for reading).  

  • Lorde’s essay starts with a bold claim, “Black Feminism is not white feminism in blackface” (60). What is blackface? How do your understanding of blackface help you understand what Lorde is stating here? 
  • What does Lorde mean by blaming the victim for victimization (61)? Can your group develop an example or two of this cultural phenomenon? 
  • How does Lorde’s essay expand/refine/challenge your understanding of intersectionality?
  • Finally, this essay was published nearly 40 years ago. How is it still relevant today? 

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