Shaky Ground Wikipedia

Today, we’re reading KC Cole’s Wired article, “The Shaky Ground Truths of Wikipedia.” As you read it. consider the following questions:

  • Cole claims that “Unconscious bias comes in all forms.” They provide a number of examples of unconscious bias. What unconscious biases do you have? What biases have you experienced? 
  • Cole states, “Not seeing yourself reflected can feel as if you’ve been ghosted.” Why do you think this is (or is not) true? 
  • Why is “notability” requirement a trap for adding more underrepresented people to Wikipedia?
  • Cole provides and example of a troll that sourced the troll’s own blog? How could this method of sourcing be dangerous for Wikipedia?
  • What does Cole’s article uncover about the truth that is relevant to our Wikipedia project for this class? 

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