Fixing Toxic Masculinity

Today, we’re looking at Michael Salter’s Atlantic article, “The Problem with a Fight Against Toxic Masculinity.”  In small groups, answer the following questions: 

  • What is your definition of ‘toxic masculinity?’ How does it compare with the definition put forth in the article?
  • The article claims that “common masculine ideals such as social respect, physical strength, and sexual potency become problematic when they set unattainable standards.” How does this compare with your group’s working definition of toxic masculinity? 
  • What does Salter mean when he claims, “in targeting culture as the enemy, it risks overlooking the real-life conditions and forces that sustain culture?” 
  • What are some of the negative consequences of toxic masculinity for men? 
  • What are some solutions to changing dominant cultural norms around masculinity? 

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