Somos Latinas

Today, we’re looking at the “Somos Latinas Project Oral Histories” from the Wisconsin Historical Society. Select one of the women who participated in this project and listen to her interview, or read the transcript if you’d prefer. 

As you observe the interviews, consider the following the questions:

  • Why do the interviewers ask for the subject’s full name and background? Why might this be important to future researchers?
  • Why did the project select the individual you selected? What is their contribution to Latinx culture in Wisconsin?
  • What did you learn from the interview subject that interested you?
  • Why is this project an important part of Wisconsin history? 
  • What makes a project like this important to gender history? 
  • Develop a citation for the oral history you viewed.  

If you don’t have headphones, you can read the full transcripts of the following interviewees:

  • Marie Black
  • Patricia Castañeda Tucker
  • Daisy Cubias
  • Carmen De La Paz 
  • Sylvia Garcia
  • Yolanda Garza (interview 2)
  • Debora Gil Casado
  • Barbara Medina
  • Romona Natera
  • Rita Tenorio
  • Ramilia Schlueter
  • Leonor Rosas
  • Maria Rodriguez
  • Nelia Olivencias
  • Teresita Neris

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