Mosier Art of Grantsmanship

Today, we’re reading Mosier’s “Deconstructing the Art of Grantsmanship: The Roles of the Storyteller, Grant Writer, Typesetter, Proofreader, Accountant and Reviewer” from the Journal of Research Administration. Mosier provides insight into the process and roles of creating a successful grant application. You may find answering one of the following questions helpful in drafting your response:

  • Which role Mosier describes is the most appealing to you? Why? How does it play to your strengths are a writer or thinker? 
  • Why is storytelling essential to writing powerful grant? 
  • Who in your organization would you turn to for help with proofreading and typesetting? Why? What makes them a good fit for these roles?
  • Did anything surprise you in Mosier’s description of the roles? How did it reframe how you think about grants?
  • What key takeaway in Mosier’s article might you use in your current job/organization? Why?

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