Ada Deer & Menominee Restoration

McCue Esner “Ada Deer and the Menominee Restoration: Rethinking Native American Protest RhetoricArgumentation & Advocacy. You might find the following discussion questions helpful in shaping your response: 

  • How are DRUMS and AIM a counterpublic? Who are their audiences? How do they make themselves heard as outsiders?
  • How can protest rhetoric appeal to dominant discourses? How do you appeal to a hostile audience? Is persuasion always the goal of protest rhetoric?
  • What can intersectionality teach us about Menomonee Restoration? 
  • How does reading Ada Deer through a lens of technical writing inform your interpretation?
  • How has this week changed your view of rhetoric or Native American relations?

You might find the following resources helpful: 

About Ada Deer –

About Termination – 

Menominee Restoration Act – 

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