Royster & Kirsch Feminist Interdisciplinarity

This week we’re examining  Jacqueline Jones Royster and Gesa E. Kirsch’s chapter “Feminist Rhetorical Studies as a Robust Interdisciplinary Framework” from Feminist Rhetorical Practices. As you formulate your response, you might one of the following discussion questions helpful:

What does it mean to be interdisciplinary? How is this essential to feminist rhetorical methodology? 

  • Royster and Kirsch describe gender, race/ethnicity, and status/social class. Is this intersectionality as Crenshaw describes it? How is intersectional research also interdisciplinary? 
  • How does research on genre and modes of expression intersect with a feminist methodology? How might they inform professional and/or technical writing?
  • How is your research interdisciplinary? 

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