Kasnitz Disability Performativity

This week we’re reading Devva Kasnitz’s (2020) “The Politics of Disability Performativity: An Autoethnography” from Current Anthropology. As you shape your response to the essay, you may find the following questions helpful:

  • Kasnitz justifies the use of autoethnography “To bring out nuance” (S17). How does autoethnography provide nuance? Why is this particularly significant to disability studies? 
  • Kasnitz describes avoiding the “word police” or word-play (S18). What can we learn from Kasnitz’s discussion of labels and terminology? How does choosing the correct words intersect with your study of technical/professional writing?
  • Kaznitz shares personal experiences navigating the world disabled. As the audience for this essay, how do the anecdotes enhance your reading or appeal to you? 
  • What can you learn from this autoethnography that might be helpful to your own? 

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