Contraception Visuals

Today, we’re looking at two very different visual projects about birth control: “Risky Contraceptive Methods Some Women Are Forced to Use” The Guardian “Repackaging the Pill” 99% Invisible As you look through both of them, consider the following questions: The topic of both of these pieces is contraception; describe how each piece tells a completely… Read More Contraception Visuals

Queer Archives

Today we’re reading Ryan’s “Why Queer Archives Are Important: A Study of LGBTQ Life.” Consider the following as we discuss the piece in class: Why are queer archives important? What’s Ryan’s central argument? How do the images provided support Ryan’s argument? Consider selecting one and explaining it’s significance.  What can you take from this article… Read More Queer Archives

Somos Latinas

Today, we’re looking at the “Somos Latinas Project Oral Histories” from the Wisconsin Historical Society. Select one of the women who participated in this project and listen to her interview, or read the transcript if you’d prefer.  As you observe the interviews, consider the following the questions: Why do the interviewers ask for the subject’s… Read More Somos Latinas

Oral Histories

In “What Are Oral Histories and Why Are They Important,” Susie Dalton describes oral histories as ‘the first kind of history.’ Our communities and families share their experiences through story telling.  Today, we’re going to pretend that we’re taking an oral history of this course. In your groups, generate a list of questions (at least… Read More Oral Histories