One-Pager Workshop

Today, we’re going to focus on your one-pager’s design.  What color scheme/choices best fit your one-pager? Do the colors match the seriousness or context of your topic?  Explore what data would be best represented graphically? Consider what you want to catch the eye of your decision maker first. What is the strongest impression you want… Read More One-Pager Workshop

Phone Script Workshop

Today, we’re going to work on your phone script for the advocacy project. The phone script has a few rules: Greeting & Name: Politely introduce themselves with their full name.  Location: Provide their state or municipality to help the elected official know which district the caller comes from. Purpose of Call: Succinctly and clearly explain… Read More Phone Script Workshop

I Marched

Despite my love of sleeping in on weekends, I woke up early Saturday morning, made myself some coffee, and met up with some friends to attend the Memphis Women’s March. I’ve read a fair amount of news talking about the futility of demonstrations, but I want to push against this idea. For example, I expected the… Read More I Marched