Vintage Beer Signs

In his photo essay, “Vintage Beer Signs in the Midwest,” Praslowicz argues that, “a perfect symbol for my upbringing is probably the large Pabst Blue Ribbon or Old Style name signs that every single bar in the region had displayed outside of their establishment.” He suggests there’s a deep connection between these signs and locale.… Read More Vintage Beer Signs

Social Media Support

Templates for Social Media Posts Canva  Check out their templates for everything from Instagram to Twitter Adobe Create Cloud Express – More cool templates for creating graphics and presenting Tips for Social Media Check out this piece about Creating Engaging Social Media posts This piece from Team Lewis offers a more succinct list of tips. 

Marquette Women’s Center

Today, we’re looking at “Social Services and the Marquette Women’s Center” from the Upper Peninsula Studies center at Northern Michigan University.  In small groups, select one of the people interviewed for the project. Skim the interview transcript and answer the following questions: Why is your interview subject import? You’re provided with a written transcript. What do you… Read More Marquette Women’s Center

Museum Instagram

The final aspect of the curation research project will be to create social promotions for your project. Today, we’re looing at  Carly Hill’s “How to Use Instagram to Engage Audiences” in Museum Hack. Select one of the museum accounts Hill lists.  Who do you think the target audience of this account is? What do you… Read More Museum Instagram

Benefits of Curation

Today, we’re reading Robin Good’s Medium article, “The Key Benefits of Content Curation.” As you read it consider the following questions and answer them in this discussion forum:  Why does curating take time?  How does the quotation from How Experts Think share your understanding of what curation is?  Look through the 23 benefits – which three do you think… Read More Benefits of Curation

Contraception Visuals

Today, we’re looking at two very different visual projects about birth control: “Risky Contraceptive Methods Some Women Are Forced to Use” The Guardian “Repackaging the Pill” 99% Invisible As you look through both of them, consider the following questions: The topic of both of these pieces is contraception; describe how each piece tells a completely… Read More Contraception Visuals