Workplace Profile

You’re going to start your Workplace Communication Analysis by building a profile of your workplace.  Your profile should be at least 1000 words and include the following: Provide a brief history of the organization/corporation. Consider what aspects of its history may be germane to how you and your co-workers communicate. For example, do you work… Read More Workplace Profile

Stout & Local Resources

Your first stop should always be the UW-Stout Swanson Library Archives and Area Research Center Stout-Focused Stoutonia Tutorial for using the Stoutonia Tower Yearbook Athletics Collections Campus News Student Publications Bulletins Campus Photographs Menomonie & Surrounding Area Dunn County News Leader Telegram Eau Claire Newspaper Volume One

Wisconsin Research Resources

Maps & Atlases of Wisconsin Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS) Milwaukee County Historical Society Photograph Collection Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Turning Points in Wisconsin History University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory (WHS) Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research Wisconsin Decorative Arts Database (WHS) Wisconsin Digital Archives Wisconsin Farm History Oral History Project… Read More Wisconsin Research Resources

Research Proposal

For this assignment, you need to identify what your essay will be about. You should consider how your topic relates to Upper Midwest issues. You may want to consider using your Advocacy Project as a way into this theme. This is your opportunity to explore your topic. Consider the following:  Are you examining a specific… Read More Research Proposal

Advocacy One-Pager

Congressional one-pagers are used by advocacy groups to help legislators make decisions and shape policy. One-pagers help busy decision makers understand an organization’s stance on an issue in one glance. So, one-pagers distill a lot of information into one, graphically interesting, easy to read document. All of the information should fit on one side of… Read More Advocacy One-Pager

Op-Ed Assignment

Op-eds provide news sources an opportunity for their readers to engage in shaping public opinion. Major papers like the New York Times solicit op-eds from leading thinkers and public figures. For example, former president and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Jimmy Carter, routinely writes op-eds for The Washington Post. Twin Cities news sources, such as the… Read More Op-Ed Assignment