Racism in Grant Funding

In “Racial Inequity in Grant Funding from the NIH,” Michael A Taffe and Nicholas W Gilpin note that “Several analyses have revealed that African-American/Black scientists are less likely to receive NIH grant funding compared with their white, Hispanic/Latinx, or Asian colleagues.” They make a persuasive argument, based on research studies, that Black scientists are awarded fewer… Read More Racism in Grant Funding

The 13th

TW: This film depicts violence.  This week, I’d like you to watch Ava DuVernay’s groundbreaking film, The 13th. You can watch the whole film on Netflix or on the link provided in Canvas.  As you watch the film, take notes as you go. Write down facts that surprised you. Images that shocked/offended you. Describe moments… Read More The 13th

Ballot or Bullet

Today, we’re reading Malcolm X ‘s speech, “The Ballot or the Bullet” (audio file below). Once you’ve read this speech, respond to one of the questions below with a one- to two-minute video response: Malcolm X was born in Nebraska, but he does not see himself as an American. What do you think has happened… Read More Ballot or Bullet

Free to Teach What I Want

In December 2016, Wisconsin State Assemblyman David Murphy lodged a public complaint about the University of Wisconsin’s decision to allow a course entitled “Problem with Whiteness.”  According to the Washington Post, the goals of the course are to “understand how whiteness is socially constructed and experienced in order to help dismantle white supremacy” and to explore… Read More Free to Teach What I Want

LOLcats & Literacy

This week, my digital rhetoric class took an unexpected turn. When a student presented about icanhascheezburger and lolcats speak, we started a spirited discussion about the difference between a language and a dialect. BTW, here there’s a lolcat translator! Anyway, as we talked about some of the grammatical differences between a language and a dialect,… Read More LOLcats & Literacy