I-94 Local Music

Today, we’re reading Steve Marsh’s MSP Magazine article, “How Bon Iver and Other Wisconsin Bands Invaded Local Music.” As you read, prepare yourself to answer the following questions: What do you think of Marsh’s characterization of Eau Claire and Western Wisconsin? What does Marsh’s history of Eau Claire? Particularly, what do you think of his… Read More I-94 Local Music

Lords of Lambeau

Today, we’re reading Austin Smith’s “Lords of Lambeau” from Harpers Magazine.  How does Smith set the scene for his pilgrimage to Lambeau? Why does Smith provide a brief history of the Packers’ first season? Smith shares details of his own experiences playing football. Why? What does this tell us about his trip to Lambeau? What… Read More Lords of Lambeau

Off the Land

Today, we’re reading something a little different in David Treuer’s “Off the Land” from Harpers Magazine. Instead of our normal rhetorical analysis, take the story in. Consider the following questions as you read, and be prepared to share some of your responses in class: Which detail in the story felt most Minnesota, northwoods to you? … Read More Off the Land

Midwestern and Hmong

In “To Be Both Midwestern and Hmong” from The Atlantic, Doualy Xaykaothao argues that Hmong people still struggle for acceptance in Wisconsin. With that in mind, answer the following questions: What happens in the opening paragraphs of the article? Why do you think Xaykaothao opens with this scene? How does it impact your reading of… Read More Midwestern and Hmong

Mackinac Bridge

Today, we’re looking at the Mackinac Bridge Authority’s “History of the Bridge” and related pages. As you read the introduction and click around the website, consider the following questions: To whom might this history of the Mackinac Bridge be most interesting? What specific audiences (e.g., Michigan history buffs) would find this website interesting or useful?  Why… Read More Mackinac Bridge

Wikipedia Entries on Intersectionality

Today, we’re going to look at a variety of Wikipedia entries about Intersectionality. In your small groups, select one of the entries listed below: Violence and Intersectionality Matrix of Domination Triple Oppression Multiple Jeopardy Womanism Black Feminism Standpoint Theory Next, answer the following questions about the entry you selected:  How does Wikipedia define the term… Read More Wikipedia Entries on Intersectionality