Workplace Profile

You’re going to start your Workplace Communication Analysis by building a profile of your workplace.  Your profile should be at least 1000 words and include the following: Provide a brief history of the organization/corporation. Consider what aspects of its history may be germane to how you and your co-workers communicate. For example, do you work… Read More Workplace Profile

Tech Com Work Contexts

Today, we’re reading Clay Spinuzzi’s (2013) “How Can Technical Communicators Study Work Contexts?” from Solving Problems in Technical Communication.  In a 300-word response, think about your current workplace and its context. You may find the following questions helpful as you formulate your response: What are the elements of a context as described by Spinuzzi?  What… Read More Tech Com Work Contexts

What’s Technical about Tech Writing?

Today, we’re reading David Dobrin’s chapter, “What’s Technical about Technical Writing?” As you read, think about your own experience as professional writer and communcicator and write a response.  You may find some of the following questions helpful consider the article and your response. Note, you’re not required to answer one or all of these questions,… Read More What’s Technical about Tech Writing?

Johnny Can’t Read

In “Why Johnny Still Can’t Read (PDF below),” Baker Mitchell argues that “public schools from coast to coast are failing to teach young students the most basic skill they need to succeed in school and life: reading.”  Mitchell provides a lot of statistics and examples to support his claim. Don’t forget that “softer” evidence, such… Read More Johnny Can’t Read

Stout & Local Resources

Your first stop should always be the UW-Stout Swanson Library Archives and Area Research Center Stout-Focused Stoutonia Tutorial for using the Stoutonia Tower Yearbook Athletics Collections Campus News Student Publications Bulletins Campus Photographs Menomonie & Surrounding Area Dunn County News Leader Telegram Eau Claire Newspaper Volume One