Current Projects


Kairos, Communities, and Writing for Advocacy in Memphis.” Co-authored with Jeffrey Gross. Grassroots Activisms: Public Rhetorics in Localized Contexts. Fall 2021.

Past Publications

“Writing for Advocacy: DREAMers, Agency, and Meaningful Community Engaged Writing.” Co-authored with Jeffrey Gross. Reflections 19.2 (Spring 2020). Writing for Advocacy PDF

“Breastfeeding, Authority, and Genre: Women’s Ethos in Wikipedia and Blogs.” Co-authored with Erika M. Sparby. Establishing and Evaluating Digital Ethos and Online Credibility. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 2017. 329-43. Breastfeeding-Authority-and-Genre PDF

Branwell Brontë: The History of the Young Men. Edited by students of English 762 with the guidance of William Baker. Sydney: University of New South Wales Juvenilia Press, 2010.

“Wedded to Light: The Life, Letters, and Legend of St. Catherine of Siena.” Co-authored with Julia E. Daniel. Journal of the Midwestern Modern Language Association 41.1 (2008): 1-11. St. Catherine Article PDF