Cadillac Dreams

Today, I’d like you to watch the Cadillac commercial (below). Then, read Carolyn Gregoire’s article, “Cadillac Made a Commercial about the American Dream, and It’s a Nightmare,” from  The Huffington Post.  Next, answer one of the follow questions with a 200-word response. As always, try to draw specific details from the video or reading to support… Read More Cadillac Dreams

Born in the USA

Today, we’re watching Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” (video below). Watch the video and take notes of things you notice – the clothes, the lyrics, and the music. Next, do your best to answer the questions below: The first line of the song is, “Born down in a dead man’s town.” What do you… Read More Born in the USA

Ballot or Bullet

Today, we’re reading Malcolm X ‘s speech, “The Ballot or the Bullet” (audio file below). Once you’ve read this speech, respond to one of the questions below with a one- to two-minute video response: Malcolm X was born in Nebraska, but he does not see himself as an American. What do you think has happened… Read More Ballot or Bullet

Vespucci, Not Great

Listen to Jack Hitt’s story, “God Shed His Grace on Thee” from the episode, Give the People What They Want on This American Life.  Submit a one- to two-minute video response to this story. You may find answering one of the following questions helpful: Hitt seems to suggest this continent is named after Amerigo Vespucci… Read More Vespucci, Not Great