The 13th

TW: This film depicts violence.  This week, I’d like you to watch Ava DuVernay’s groundbreaking film, The 13th. You can watch the whole film on Netflix or on the link provided in Canvas.  As you watch the film, take notes as you go. Write down facts that surprised you. Images that shocked/offended you. Describe moments… Read More The 13th

Mother Tongue

Today, we’re reading Amy Tan’s landmark essay, “Mother Tongue.” As you read the essay, consider the following discussion questions. Select one and answer it with details from the text in a two-minute response video:  “Mother Tongue” is the language used Tan’s mother. What is “Mother Tongue” for you? How is it similar or different to… Read More Mother Tongue

El Sueño Americano

Today, we’re looking at Tom Keifer’s art piece, “El Sueño Americano.” Keifer took photographs of items in the garbage while working as a janitor at a Customs and Border Protection station. As you look though these collections of objects, try to put yourself in the mindset of someone walking hundreds or thousands of miles to… Read More El Sueño Americano


Today, we’re reading David Hernandez‘s poem, “All-American.”  You can listen to Hernandez reading his poem on SoundCloud.  Write down (and share in your post) every type of person Hernandez describes, or every type of person you think of as you read. Who are these people? Why do the matter in this poem?  Write down all… Read More All-American

Cadillac Dreams

Today, I’d like you to watch the Cadillac commercial (below). Then, read Carolyn Gregoire’s article, “Cadillac Made a Commercial about the American Dream, and It’s a Nightmare,” from  The Huffington Post.  Next, answer one of the follow questions with a 200-word response. As always, try to draw specific details from the video or reading to support… Read More Cadillac Dreams