Johnny Can’t Read

In “Why Johnny Still Can’t Read (PDF below),” Baker Mitchell argues that “public schools from coast to coast are failing to teach young students the most basic skill they need to succeed in school and life: reading.”  Mitchell provides a lot of statistics and examples to support his claim. Don’t forget that “softer” evidence, such… Read More Johnny Can’t Read

Overcoming Political Ignorance

Check out Ilya Somin’s “Can Education or Information Shortcuts Overcome Political Ignorance?” and answer the following questions. How does Somin define an “information shortcut”? What is “retrospective voting”? What are its shortcomings? Why is depending on “opinion leaders” problematic? Somin claims that “governments have very little incentive to ensure that public schools really do adopt… Read More Overcoming Political Ignorance

Growing Up Poor

Today, we’re watching an episode of Frontline, “Growing Up Poor in America.” As we watch the film, take notes about anything that strikes you, such as statistics cited by the narrator, the living conditions of the families, or the disposition of the children. Next, try and answer the following questions. Try to use a specific… Read More Growing Up Poor