Mosier Art of Grantsmanship

Today, we’re reading Mosier’s “Deconstructing the Art of Grantsmanship: The Roles of the Storyteller, Grant Writer, Typesetter, Proofreader, Accountant and Reviewer” from the Journal of Research Administration. Mosier provides insight into the process and roles of creating a successful grant application. You may find answering one of the following questions helpful in drafting your response:… Read More Mosier Art of Grantsmanship

Schickore Doing & Writing Science

Today, we’re reading Jutta Schickore’s “Doing Science, Writing Science” from Philosophy of Science. Please write a meaningful response. If you’re not sure where to start, consider one of the following questions:  What do you think Schickore means when they state, “There’s a mismatch between what scientists do and the presentation of results in scientific publications”? … Read More Schickore Doing & Writing Science

Cech & Waidzunas LGBTQ+ Inequality in STEM

Today, we are reading Cech & Waidzunas’s “Systemic Inequalities for LGBTQ Professionals in STEM” in Science Advances. Please provide a thoughtful and respectful response. You may find answering one of the following questions helpful:  What inequalities are LGBTQ+ individuals likely to encounter in STEM fields? What about this do you (or do you not) find… Read More Cech & Waidzunas LGBTQ+ Inequality in STEM

Racism in Grant Funding

In “Racial Inequity in Grant Funding from the NIH,” Michael A Taffe and Nicholas W Gilpin note that “Several analyses have revealed that African-American/Black scientists are less likely to receive NIH grant funding compared with their white, Hispanic/Latinx, or Asian colleagues.” They make a persuasive argument, based on research studies, that Black scientists are awarded fewer… Read More Racism in Grant Funding

Granting Transparency

In their article, “Grant Application Review: The Case of Transparency” David Gurwitz, Elena Milanesi, and Thomas Koenig suggest that grant success rates have fallen over the past decade.  They note this in part to make a call for increased transparency in grant funding How do Gurwitz, Milanesi, and Koenig characterize transparency? What steps should granting… Read More Granting Transparency

Surmise to Sunrise

Read Jonathan Weiner’s Scientific American article “From Surmise to Sunrise.” He notes that “There’s a publishing rule that every formula you use in a book cuts your potential readership in half.” As a scientist, what do you make of this claim? Write a thoughtful response to Weiner’s short essay. You may find the following questions… Read More Surmise to Sunrise