Be Real Social Media

Today, we’re reading Terry Nguyen’s Vox article,“Are We Ever Authentically Ourselves on the Internet?” In your small groups, please consider the following questions: Do you share content across platforms? Why?  What is authenticity? What does it mean on social media? What aspects of your life/personality do you perform?  Would you use BeReal over TikTok or… Read More Be Real Social Media

Selfie Dysmorphia

Today, we’re reading Elle Hunt’s article, “Faking It: How Selfie Dysmorphia Is Driving People to Seek Surgery,”  from The Guardian. In your small groups, please answer the following questions and post them here: What is the central claim of the article? Can you identify a specific sentence? How does the series of images at the… Read More Selfie Dysmorphia

Robb Van Gogh Selfie

Today we’re reading Alice Robb’s  New Republic article, “Would Van Gogh Have Taken Selfies? Probably. In your small groups, consider the following questions: Why do you think it’s such a big deal that the Oxford English Dictionary declared “selfie” the word of the year?  What are the aims of selfie? What are selfies trying to do? How might this differ from… Read More Robb Van Gogh Selfie

Selfie Is Dead?

Today, we’re reading Margaret Andersen’s Wired article, “The Selfie as We Know It Is Dead.” Keep in mind your understanding of what selfies are and how they work as you answer the following questions: In the opening paragraphs, Andersen asks, “is a selfie still a selfie if someone else is taking it for you?” What… Read More Selfie Is Dead?

Auschwitz Selfie

Today, we’re reading Caitlin Dewey’s article “The Other Side of the Infamous ‘Auschwitz Selfie’ ” from The Washington Post. Before we dig into the reading, let’s develop some shared knowledge: What do you associate with Auschwitz? You can provide a list of bullets. Next, what do you think of the selfie Breanna posted of herself… Read More Auschwitz Selfie

Selfie Science

Today we’re checking out Tucker’s “The Science Behind Why We Take Selfies” from Bustle. In groups of 3-4, answer the following questions. Designate a typist for your group who posts your answers. Feel free to cut and paste examples from the text to support your answers.  What is the thesis or main point of the… Read More Selfie Science