Frank & Treichler Gender & Language PTC

Today, we’re reading some selections from Frank & Treichler’s Language, Gender, and Professional Writing: Theoretical Approaches and Guidelines for Nonsexist Usage. As you formulate your response, you may find the following questions helpful: The first reading you’ll encounter discusses the history of pronoun use. What does this history of Old English pronouns reveal about English… Read More Frank & Treichler Gender & Language PTC

Davis Feminist Rhetorical Practices

Today we’re reading Carleigh Davis’s article, “Feminist Rhetorical Practices in Digital Spaces” from Computers & Composition. As you prepare your response, you may find the following questions helpful: What is dialogic collaboration? How is it also a hallmark of professional/technical writing? What does this say about gender in this field? Similarly, multivocality seems to be… Read More Davis Feminist Rhetorical Practices

Racism in Grant Funding

In “Racial Inequity in Grant Funding from the NIH,” Michael A Taffe and Nicholas W Gilpin note that “Several analyses have revealed that African-American/Black scientists are less likely to receive NIH grant funding compared with their white, Hispanic/Latinx, or Asian colleagues.” They make a persuasive argument, based on research studies, that Black scientists are awarded fewer… Read More Racism in Grant Funding

Granting Transparency

In their article, “Grant Application Review: The Case of Transparency” David Gurwitz, Elena Milanesi, and Thomas Koenig suggest that grant success rates have fallen over the past decade.  They note this in part to make a call for increased transparency in grant funding How do Gurwitz, Milanesi, and Koenig characterize transparency? What steps should granting… Read More Granting Transparency

Surmise to Sunrise

Read Jonathan Weiner’s Scientific American article “From Surmise to Sunrise.” He notes that “There’s a publishing rule that every formula you use in a book cuts your potential readership in half.” As a scientist, what do you make of this claim? Write a thoughtful response to Weiner’s short essay. You may find the following questions… Read More Surmise to Sunrise

Preparing Graphs

Today we’re looking at Björn Gustavii’s “How to Prepare Graphs” from How to Write and Illustrate a Scientific Paper (2017). Write a meaningful reponse to this chapter. You may find the following questions helpful in preparing your response: What are the ways you and/or your organziation use graphs in your communications?  How do you know… Read More Preparing Graphs

Cruel Pies

Today, we’re looking at Dragga & Voss’s “Cruel Pies: The Inhumanity of Technical Illustrations.” Write your response to this article in at least 250 words. You may find the following questions helpful in your response: How can technical illustrations obscure or complicate the truth? Have you ever been party to a discussion about using an… Read More Cruel Pies