Gruwell Wikipedia Politics of Exclusion

This week we’re reading Leigh Gruwell’s “Wikipedia’s Politics of Exclusion: Gender, Epistemology, and Feminist Rhetorical (In)action” from Computers & Composition. As you formulate your response, you may find the following questions helpful: How do the systems of Wikipedia exclude women’s voices? Why is this important to understanding knowledge online? How is understanding the human subjects… Read More Gruwell Wikipedia Politics of Exclusion

Wikipedia Entries on Intersectionality

Today, we’re going to look at a variety of Wikipedia entries about Intersectionality. In your small groups, select one of the entries listed below: Violence and Intersectionality Matrix of Domination Triple Oppression Multiple Jeopardy Womanism Black Feminism Standpoint Theory Next, answer the following questions about the entry you selected:  How does Wikipedia define the term… Read More Wikipedia Entries on Intersectionality

Female Scientists Notability and Wikipedia

Today we’re reading Katrina Krämer’s article “Female Scientists’ Pages Keep Disappearing from Wikipedia – What’s Going On?” in Chemistry World. As we read this article, consider some of the following questions:  In their policy on notability Wikipedia states that “the person who is the topic of a biographical article should be “worthy of notice” or “note”… Read More Female Scientists Notability and Wikipedia

Shaky Ground Wikipedia

Today, we’re reading KC Cole’s Wired article, “The Shaky Ground Truths of Wikipedia.” As you read it. consider the following questions: Cole claims that “Unconscious bias comes in all forms.” They provide a number of examples of unconscious bias. What unconscious biases do you have? What biases have you experienced?  Cole states, “Not seeing yourself… Read More Shaky Ground Wikipedia

Digitizing Truth

My first year of college, I took the obligatory Introduction to Western Thought class at 8:00am Tuesdays and Thursdays. This class taught me a couple things: I hate morning classes and I don’t know much about anything. In some ways, Dr. Massanari’s class fundamentally changed the ways I think about truth and knowledge. I think he’d… Read More Digitizing Truth