Gamble Feminist Zine Culture Evolved

Let’s checkout Ione Gamble’s article, “How Feminist Zine Culture Has Evolved,” for Vice. As you read the article, consider the following discussion questions:  Gamble opens with a claim that zines are thriving while more mainstream magazines are dying. Why do you think this is happening? What do zines offer that large-scale popular magazines can’t? Why… Read More Gamble Feminist Zine Culture Evolved

Slowly on Moody

Today, we’re reading Ben Slowly’s article in the Shepherd Express, “Building Community through the ‘Moody’ Zine.” As you read the article, consider the following: What do you think of the zine’s title, Moody? What do you think of how Melissa Mursch-Rodriguez found it? Check out the Moody website. What do you think of Moody? How does… Read More Slowly on Moody

Laing Riot Grrrls

Today, we’re reading Olivia Laing’s “Riot Grrrl: When Teen Sisters Were Doing it for Themselves” from The Guardian. As you discuss in your small groups, please consider the following questions:  What does the cultural context of the early 1990s tell us about riot grrl zine culture?  How does the spirit of DIY-culture inform feminism?  Check out… Read More Laing Riot Grrrls