Writing Activity | Proposal Email

Your email should be sent to me at least 30-minutes before your video conference.

For this assignment, you’ll send me a brief email that outlines your topic and focus of your Defining America essay. You may find referring to your prewriting helpful when shaping your email. 

Your email should address the scope (time period or region), who’s affected (age, race, or culture), or why your topic is significant. Consider writing for an audience who may have limited experience with your topic.  You may need to provide some background details. 

Because this writing project requires some research, describe the sources or direct research you’ll need to complete your project. This is a guess on your part; I am not expecting you to know exactly what sources you will use. Instead, think about the kinds of information you think you may need to support your topic and claims.

Finally, make sure your email conforms to the generic conventions of an email to a professor of supervisor, such as a clear subject line, greeting, and closing. 

This is an email and there’s no need to submit it here. 

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