Johnny Can’t Read

In “Why Johnny Still Can’t Read (PDF below),” Baker Mitchell argues that “public schools from coast to coast are failing to teach young students the most basic skill they need to succeed in school and life: reading.” 

Mitchell provides a lot of statistics and examples to support his claim. Don’t forget that “softer” evidence, such as personal experience can be equally powerful. Select one. Use either Google.Scholar or the UW-Stout library databases, research that claim, and answer the following: 

  • What statistic/example did you choose? 
  • Is Mitchell’s evidence accurate? What sources did you find in support? What sources did you find that contradict his evidence?
    • Which source did you find most credible and accurate? How did you determine this?
  • What key words did you use to find your sources?
  • What do you think of Mitchell’s claims? How does this square with your experience in K-12? 

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