American Experience Peer Review

At the start of class, post your 500-word draft of your American Experience essay to this discussion. Select one of your peers and conduct the following peer review about their draft. You’ll have the entire class to work on this project.

In a discussion post or Word document, answer the following questions. Try and be thorough. Answer the questions fully and with details. Provide your peer with the level and quality of feedback you hope to receive in turn.

Start by briefly reading/skimming the entire essay. Now, go back to the beginning and answer the following:

  • What is the essay’s title? Why or why isn’t engaging?
  • Describe the introduction. How does it engage you and encourage you read further? If it doesn’t, suggest a way to make it more so.
  • What is the essay’s main point or thesis? Indicate which sentence is the best candidate for this thesis.  Now, restate the main point of the essay in your own words. If it doesn’t match the thesis, explain why.
  • Does the thesis engage with a definition of America? 
  • Select three sentences that you find difficult to understand or unnecessarily wordy. Copy them and make a suggested change. 
  • Describe the conclusion. How does it summarize the essay? How does it explain why the reader should care about the topic? Why do you like or dislike the conclusion?
  • If the author could only focus on three things to improve before the essay is due, what would they be.
  • Finally, what did the author do well? What parts of the essay did you like?

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